The name KUNZ is a tribute to my great-grandfather, who was chief lighting technician on Danish Erik Balling films such as 'Olsen Banden' and the iconic TV series MATADOR.

Origin & Vision

Kunz was created in 2012 to build a bridge between streetwear and formal wear, that can be used during the day and in the nightlife. Nicklas Kunz has a background with a BA (HON) in fashion and textiles from England and MA in fashion from Kolding School of Design. In his work with components from different social classes, Kunz's vision is to promote the genre in streetwear, so that one can engage in any social setting.

Design philosophy

KUNZ is for the consumer, who dares to be brave in his/her expression to the outside world and has a desire to be the brightest light, in an overexposed world. Experimentation with innovative and atypical materials through a technical approach on minimalist pieces with sports and subcultural references Kunz appeals to opinion leaders as artists, musicians and athletes, with a constant element of surprise. The products are unique and will not be reproduced. Since 2012, women's clothing has entered the portfolio, with the aim of creating a broader and holistic universe that is not limited by neither gender nor sexuality.

Quality Management & Sustainability

In 2020, the first 1: 1 Upcycling strategy was created to contribute to a better world by harnessing the potential of deadstock. Through reconstruction of recycled materials, Kunz's core values ​​are emphasized: focus on the detail - where the classic craft is centered, together with a strong visual identity and style.

© Nicklas Kunz