Bipolar \ (bī-pō’lər)

1. Having two opposite or contradictory ideas or natures: the bipolar world of the postwar period.

SS21 is a reflection of the worldview in 2020 from which the title is formed – the world is bipolar.

Bipolar is a bespoke collection with KUNZ DNA which works with opposite counter- points, leisure meets elite, where a mixture of elements from both regions gives the ability to conquer all levels of life regardless of the social status.

Colors and effects are a well-crafted reference to the state of mind which is assisted by prints and quotes that uplifts and inspires through difficult times.

The environment dictates the circumstances - therefore KUNZ has thought differently and more about sustainably by incorporating 1:1 upcycle pieces. Bipolar is a mental disorder in which fast fashion is a disorder to the planet. Therefore, KUNZ has chosen to work with a 1:1 upcycle strategy to utilize discarded products, by giving them a timeless and modern look that benefits both the consumer but also the environment.

© Nicklas Kunz